The Top 5 TV Couples to Melt Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

Today is the day to celebrate love in its many forms. Whether you’re celebrating Valentines, Galentines or Palentines Day, love is in the air – and there’s no better time to snuggle on the sofa and binge watch a series with unlimited snacks and wine.

So, here’s the low down on the TV couples that are sure to melt even the coldest of ice queen’s hearts this February 14th.

Fleabag and the Hot Priest, Fleabag

With the Hot Priest being voted by Radio Times readers as one of the Top TV Characters to date this Valentine’s Day, it’s no surprise that the unusually matched couple is a popular favourite. Their forbidden love story is at the heart of the award winning second series of Fleabag and challenges the idea of a traditional rom com. We just wish we were getting a Series 3!

Jim and Pam, The US Office

Out of the many loveable couples in the US Office, Jim and Pam’s office romance outshines them all. Forget Dwight and Angela, Phyllis and Bob Vance and Michael and Hollie, Jim and Pam had us rooting for them from the very beginning – and we love a slow burner!

Monica and Chandler, Friends

Forget Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler were definitely THE couple from Friends. There’s nothing more heartwarming than friends falling in love and we’re still shipping them today.

James and Alyssa, The End of the F**king World

James and Alyssa perfectly show how complex teenage romance can really be. Obviously, most couples don’t fall in love after a shocking murder and both parties are usually relatively nice to each other, but there’s something endearing about their story and how they find each other again.

Martin and Jackie, Friday Night Dinner

Even though they may remind you of your parents, Martin and Jackie are couple goals. It’s nice to think that you could be in love with someone who walks around topless (bloody boiling), whilst doing DIY.


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