Is Nostalgia Getting Us Through Lockdown?

We’re all finding different ways to cope with these ‘unprecedented times’, baking copious amounts of banana bread or doing a Zoom quiz every night of the week (and weekend). But as we go into Week 8 of Lockdown, digging through our camera roll is no longer reserved for #ThrowbackThursday.

There is a certain comfort that can be found in nostalgia, especially now the future is pretty unknown. Reminiscing over the amazing memories you have with friends and family helps you to look past the new normal and forward to the times that are yet to come.

People have been scrolling past their recent snaps of government sanctioned walks and baking achievements to celebrate the last ‘normal’ picture in their camera roll, with the hashtag #LastNormalPhoto trending on Twitter.

My #LastNormalPhoto was in our local pub the weekend before they were told to close. My boyfriend and I had just been on a walk with my pup Bailey and called in for a few cheeky pints and a coffee before we headed home. It’s nice to look back at the times we were allowed to go places and see people to remind ourselves that – even if it feels impossible – the world will resume as normal.

All this reminiscing offers the same escapism that comes with loosing yourself in a good book or becoming obsessed with a new Netflix series, as seeing pictures of yourself at a crowded concert, a busy bar or even traveling abroad can feel like an alternate world to the one we’re living in now.

But it’s not just looking back on your own life that can offer comfort in these strange times. The sweet nostalgia that can be found in watching the US Office for the 5th time, or playing old school 00s hits can give you the same familiar feeling you get from scrolling through your Instagram feed.

A particular song or TV moment can take you back to a certain point in your life; so we’re thankful for the reruns of classic comedies like Outnumbered and Gavin and Stacey, and for the replays of big sporting events and festival performances for fans to relive the emotions they felt when watching the first time.

While we’re in this crazy bubble, I hope we continue to find comfort in nostalgia and use it to remind ourselves of the times we’ve spent with our loved ones and look forward to when we can see them again.


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