Happy Valentine’s Day to Me

Hello February, the month of love.

The month where Hallmark’s sales sky-rocket and red roses become an endangered species. It’s hard to not get sucked into the lovey-dovey stuff that 14th February brings with it, but why not take time to give yourself a little self-appreciation before showering your loved ones with gifts this Valentine’s Day.

The idea of ‘self love’ isn’t a new one. The phrase has been thrown around the internet for many years and the concept alone is keeping the face mask industry in business. But what does it really mean to love yourself and why is it so important?

Not only has social media sparked the notion of self love and acceptance, it is one of the reasons we need it. This era of posting our lives online can really mess with our ideas of who we are and what we want. As a generation we’ve become experts in building up a perfectly shiny outer shell, yet still know nothing about our true selves and what we want in our lives – and no, a few likes on the internet doesn’t count.

This hollow existence (slightly dramatic) offers no fulfilment. Making more time to take care of yourself like you would your loved ones is 100% more rewarding – and cheaper – than buying a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Be your most authentic self

The online world is slowly making this easier, with 2019 being branded ‘The Year of Authenticity’ on the internet. Well known people such as Stacey Solomon, Lizzo and Jameela Jamil (founder the I Weigh movement) keeping it real on Instagram and encouraging us to go a little easier on ourselves has really helped open the conversation on why it is important to be unapologetically ‘you’.

So, take more time away from your phone this February; start a journal, pay more attention to your own thoughts or read that book you’ve wanted to get stuck into for ages. And when you do log back into the digital world, start to curate the media that you are consuming – spending a weekend binge-watching the Kardashians and scrolling through a feed of Instagram influencers isn’t going to do anything for your own self-love.

Be kind to yourself

If people were as kind to themselves as they were to other people then the world would be a better place. Stop comparing yourself to the ‘perfect girl’ you just scrolled past on Instagram and start looking at yourself in a more positive way. Follow people online who will make you feel empowered about your body and stop being so hard on yourself.

Exercise not because you hate what you look like, but because you want to better your health (physical and mental) and because it feels good. Eat what you want (Mini Eggs in moderation) and make time to do the things that make YOU happy.

Make no mistake, you don’t have to be single to take part in this self-love journey. It’s even more important to know your own thoughts, beliefs, goals and dreams when you’re in a relationship as they can sometimes get lost along the way.

So, no matter who you’re celebrating Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day with, make sure you celebrate it with yourself first.


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