Should we be saying goodbye to our shopping addictions?

Should we be saying goodbye to our shopping addictions?

High street shops are hard to escape. A quick trip into any town will see you surrounded by some of the biggest names in affordable fashion, an industry that is making billions each year. The fashion year used to be made up of Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter, but now retailers are releasing new stock each week to appear in their ‘new in’ sections online. This is called ‘fast fashion’, an industry that focuses on speed and low prices to tempt consumers with new pieces all 52 weeks of the year. And this is something that consumers are becoming more aware of; with documentaries such as The True Cost that explain not only the environmental impacts of fast fashion, but also the exploitation of workers in developing countries.

And we’re all a part of it, I love nothing more than scouring through the high street’s ‘new in’ sections and adding pieces I’m loving to the wishlist on my blog. A quick scroll through Instagram will also tempt me to buy new items from my favourite online influencers, who are often being paid to advertise these products to us. I also work in retail, and get so excited when new lines for that season arrive in store and I can start building outfits in my head. But since watching The True Cost, it has certainly got me thinking about how we can re-work our wardrobe without heading straight to the high street.

Cue Craven Recycled Clothing Company…every fashion addict’s dream. The company, ran by the most lovely mother-daughter duo, specialise in buying and selling vintage, retro and high street fashion and is a haven for giving amazing pieces a new home. Just from a quick look around I found a stunning pink Zara power suit, a few pairs of Topshop culottes (from just last season!) and a whole array of stunning vintage dresses, one of which Scarlett (the daughter half of the mother-daughter duo) was wearing – and looked amazing in.

Before the shop opened in March, they had been selling clothes on eBay for 15 years (I’m getting major Sophia Amoruso vibes). But now they’ve found their home in Skipton, they’ve built a community of loyal customers who always return to discover any new items that have been added since their last visit. Even if you don’t live locally, you should 100% check out their Instagram, where Scarlett posts tips on how to style vintage and high street items, as well as amazing outfit inspo.

So if you’re having a clear out, or just want to re-vamp your wardrobe, definitely give the Craven Recycled Clothing Company a visit to see what pieces you could give a loving new home. And my answer to the question: ‘Should we be saying goodbye to our shopping addictions?’ – it’s definitely a no, especially when we have so many second hand/ vintage clothing options that we could be buying from. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying from the high street, but exploring the ‘fast fashion’ industry for this post has definitely made me more mindful about the purchases that I’ll make in the future.



  1. April 22, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Love love this post about Craven, I’ve found some fab items in the shop and their Social Media management is great. It’s inspired a lot of my recent outfits too!

    • admin
      April 22, 2018 / 2:58 pm

      Aww thank you so much! It’s fab in there – I love getting outfit inspo on their Instagram! <3

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