9 reasons why being single in your 20s is great

9 reasons why being single in your 20s is great

Disclaimer: This post was written for The Growing Up Guide


If you’re 20-something, single and have a string of gross Tinder matches that you’re 100% not proud of, then you’re in the right place.


Admittedly, being single in your 20s can suck. Seeing all of your friends getting engaged and settling down can make you feel like you’ll be alone forever. But we’re here to remind you why being single in your 20s can actually be the best time of your life.


You have nothing holding you back

Want to go travelling? You can. Want to watch Gossip Girl until 2am? You can. Want to do tequila slammers with your girls until one of you throws up? You can. Of course, you can do all three of those if you’re in a relationship, but it’s just not as fun.


You have more time to work on yourself

When you’re not focused on being someone else’s “better half”, you have more time to focus on the things that you want to do – which is always going to be a win-win. You don’t have anyone else to think about and it’s actually quite refreshing.


You widen your circle of friends

Being newly single can be scary, but it forces you to step out of your comfort zone and connect with old (and new) friends. So, you’ll never be short of people to tell all of your first date fails to.


You take more chances

Becoming single is such a huge change in itself, so taking little risks no longer seems like such a big deal. Some of the chances you take might not always be for the best, but at least you can say you’ve given it a go.


You’re open to new opportunities

Things that you never even considered doing suddenly become first on your to-do-list, it opens you up to a whole new world of opportunities. Whether that’s further study,  new job or even just a new hobby – you can do it and you will rock it.


You get the whole bed to yourself

Admit it, this one on its own is enough to turn anyone single.


You become closer to your loved ones

Long gone are the days of romantic weekend getaways and date nights, bit this gives you more time to spend building stronger relationships with your family and friends.


You don’t feel guilty for spending time alone

You can now finally enjoy single nights in alone watching Netflix and eating shit loads of Ben and Jerry’s – and best of all – you don’t feel guilty about it.


You learn to be truly independent

Being single teaches you to be completely independent and you no longer rely on anyone else. You make your own decisions and you truly learn to love yourself in the process – it’s empowering.




Let us know in the comments why you’re loving being single in your 20s!



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