The importance of self-care

The importance of self-care

I always feel guilty if I’m not “busy“. I’m studying for a Master’s, working part-time, blogging and trying to maintain an alright social life, but whenever I stop to breathe – or binge-watch Netflix – I feel like I’m lazy and wasting precious time.

I’ve always wondered whether it’s because I don’t have your usual 9-5 office job, where as soon as you get home you can put your feet up and be more than entitled to an hour or so of your favourite programme, book or whatever you enjoy watching/reading/doing in your spare time. But that’s my problem, I feel like I don’t have any time to spare and that I should always be doing something.

It’s definitely stemmed from trying to prove myself to those who do work full-time; I feel like they see me as someone who doesn’t really do much, who’s never at work, and just generally doesn’t have their life together. But, if I’m being honest, trying to balance everything in my life can sometimes be pretty tricky.

So, just because I’m not leaving the house at 8 and getting back at 6 doesn’t mean that I’m sat at home re-watching The Office for the 5th time (even though that really sounds like something I would do), I’m actually busy trying to sort my life out just like everyone else.





I’ve slowly come to realise that putting pressure on myself to always be busy is actually making me less productive; I feel like I am constantly switched on and it’s draining. I’m slowly learning to take time out for me: whether that’s a couple of hours with my phone off to read a book (that’s not on my uni reading list), running a nice bath and lighting my favourite candles, or even just making time to just listen to music. Any kind of self-care action, even though it may seem small, can massively improve your productivity, happiness, and your mind in general




It’s so important for everyone to take a couple of hours for themselves guilt-free, so I’ve come up with a list of things you can do to relax, re-group and just give your mind a little rest – it deserves it.


Switch of your phone

The distraction of social media is always so tempting, especially if you spend most of your time online. Switch your phone off, take a break from scrolling though everyone else’s life and refresh yours.



Have a pamper night

Run a nice bath, whack a face mask on and just get chilled AF.



Do something you enjoy

Take up a new hobby or fall in love with an old one. Start scrapbooking, drawing or take time out of your day to practice photography. Just do what you enjoy doing.



Binge-watch a series

There’s nothing better than forgetting all of the worries and stresses of your own life by following a bunch of characters’ worries and stresses on a TV show.



Go to the cinema by yourself

This is my personal favourite, I love doing this so much I even wrote a separate post on it – go check it out.



Read a book

I can’t remember the last time I read a book that’s not on my uni reading list. I used to love nothing better than curling up with a good book and I 100% need to make more time for it.



Keep a diary

Write everything down; whether that’s on paper, or on a blog, it helps to get all of your thoughts out there – whether you choose to share them with anyone else or not.



Let me know if you have any other self-care recommendations in the comments!



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